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Establishing your business
Establishing your company in Holland

Establishing your company in Holland

Your company decides to start business in Holland. A strategic decision with long term consequences demands careful decision making on the business structure choice. Activados helps companies in this process and executes and implements all the requirements and procedures needed to establish the company effectively. 

As a foreign company you can consider structuring your business as a wholly owned subsidiary. Usually it is a “B.V.” (a private limited liability company) or an “N.V.” (public limited liability company). The alternative is a branch or representative office, depending on the legal requirements of your business. Of course, there are several other alternatives that we can advise on, such as holding companies, cooperatives, foundations, joint ventures, partnerships and sole proprietorship. 

Activados supports you with:

  • Actual information about possible business structures in the Netherlands.
  • Advice on the optimal structure for your situation. Private company law.
  • Setting up the legal structure in cooperation with a notary, bank, Chamber of Commerce and other institutions.
  • Registration and insurance issues.
  • Representation at the tax authorities.


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